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Cultivating Equality:

Empowering South Carolina Black Farmers Through Unity & Sustainable Agriculture

The South Carolina Black Farmers Coalition is a dynamic community of farmers of all sizes, agricultural professionals, advocates, and enthusiasts dedicated to advancing the interests of Black farmers all across the Palmetto state.

Our Mission

To train, support and advocate for existing, returning
and future generations of Black farmers in South Carolina.

Our Vision

A South Carolina agricultural sector where Black farmers of all sizes are equitably represented, have the capacity for competitiveness, and are well-positioned to thrive across generations.


Education and Training:

Empowering the next generation of Black farmers is at the core of our work. We offer educational programs, training sessions, and workshops to enhance skills, share knowledge that promote sustainable and profitable farm business practices.

Resource Hub:

Our coalition serves as a central resource hub, connecting Black farmers with essential information, funding opportunities, and support networks to strengthen their agricultural enterprises.

Community Building:

We foster a sense of community among Black farmers through networking events, social gatherings, and collaborative initiatives. Building strong connections within the farming community is vital to our collective success.

Sustainable Farming:

We promote farming practices that amplify our historical African American agricultural expertise and heritage, prioritize harmonious relationships with the natural environment, restore and respect natural resources.


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